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Seattle's Creativity Supports Travis Gore and Feeds on Majesty

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Seattle's Creativity Supports Travis Gore and Feeds on Majesty

Feeds On Majesty

I've had the great pleasure of being asked to say a few words about my project "Feeds on Majesty". First off, I'd like to express how great of a town Seattle is for supporting creativity. The Orchestra has been able to enthusiastically perform works by Dutilleux, Varese, Ligeti and Adams' "Become Ocean" with astounding support from the city and our audience. I'm looking forward to even more programing that reflects our modern time and aesthetics as well as the great music that will always remain because it's great!

It is because of that open spirit here in Seattle and the city's strong support of their local artists that I have been able to develop a side project of my own as a classical musician that might fit in more with KEXP than KING. It is a strange thing to straddle both worlds in that they can sometimes be unfortunately very separate from one another in a social sense. There are staunch disapprovers of the other on both sides. The pop/rock snobs sometimes think classical music is dying on a respirator, or dead, and its musicians were handed their jobs somehow or that classical musicians are closed off and up tight, which dare I say, some are. And the classical music snobs sometimes might see the rock/pop folks as uneducated, sloppy, loosely committed or unruly. These stereotypes, however, are most often untrue. I've discovered there is amazing common ground and both worlds could learn a lot from one another. Morlot has done a wonderful job in helping to bridge this gap, and I can't applaud him enough in his efforts on this behalf.

With Feeds on Majesty, I think as a result of spending so much of time in the orchestral world but being brought up in a "rock and roll" family, there is probably a subtle influence of both classical and rock/pop in the music we are performing. Some of the forms are a bit strange with dissonance hidden in the harmonic motions and the vocal harmonies, especially in the newer music we've been working on. Most pop bands don't do that because it sounds ugly and tends to be unpalatable to a mass audience. If dissonance is treated right, it can make the music so much more beautiful. Jazz is a great example of throwing those harmonies in your face. With Feeds, we're doing that as well, but in a bit more classical/romantic sense where it's more subliminal. We bring these musical elements together with a bit of southern sentiment.

I hope people get a chance to give Feeds on Majesty a listen and that the Day of Music gets a wonderful turn out enabling all of the musicians in Seattle to continue to squish against one another to create a colorful supportive family that continues to generate new styles of music. Thank you, Seattle, for supporting all of our local talent and hard work!

Travis Gore, Seattle Symphony, Bass

Feeds on Majesty is:
Travis Gore, bass, guitar, vocals
Bryant Moore, guitars, bass, vocals
Margaux LeSourd, keys, vocals
Rob Tucker, drums

Nielsen One And Two
Nielsen Three Four
Mahler 10 Dausgaard
Dausgaard Alpine
Become Desert
Become Ocean
Bostridge French
Berlioz Requiem
Dutilleux Metaboles
Berio Sinfonia
Faure Masques
Ives Three Places
Dvorak Nine
Ives Unanswered Question
Brandi Carilile Live
American In Paris
Messiaen Poemes
Stravinsky Firebird
Dutilleux Hadelich

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