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odeonquartet presents From Russia with Love

The odeonquartet, featuring SSO musicians Gennady Filimonov and Artur Girsky is playing three concerts entitled "From Russia with Love" - on October 8th, October 11th and November 7th.

From Pavel Karmanov's sparkling 1997 minimalist, baroque-informed String QuaREtet, to Shostakovich's dark, powerful and moving 8th quartet, we'll move to Glazunov's richly orchestrated cello quintet from 1892 - a work that sets the bar for lush melodies and sheer sonic gorgeousness. Karmanov's work being composed so close to the new millenium, we're counting it as 21st century. The Shostakovich 8th quartet is regarded by many as the consummate statement against 20th century totalitarianism in all its forms, while the Glazunov hearkens back to more innocent times and the triumph of the 19th century artistic spirit.

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